Saturday, 22 February 2014

FREE ebooks from Thinking Plainly's Rufus Garlic

Dear all, this weekend Thinking Plainly’s Rufus Garlic has all five of his newly released short story ebooks FREE to download from Amazon. We hope you like them! Links and descriptions are below:

Sari Sari Burning Bright
A British Army officer in 1840s India is asked to hunt down a man-eating tiger. Nothing will persuade him to do so – nothing but the supernatural…”

Arthur’s 1000:1 long shots keep on coming off. He must have inside information – but is he prepared to kill when his winning streak is threatened?”

The Skeleton In The Closet
Laurence Collier is a bloodthirsty thief who is good with a gun, but can he protect himself as well as persecute others? Sometimes vengeance crafts itself an unexpected path…”

 The Legacy
When Samuel Stuyvesant dies he leaves a complex will with very interesting preconditions. Watch and laugh as his heirs struggle to satisfy them…”

Victor English is treated like dirt at work. Will he keep taking it on the chin? Is he a dogsbody or a top dog?”

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