Saturday, 20 February 2016

Author Websites & March Writing Competitions

Dear all,

Just a quick note to say I have finally created our author websites. I have owned the domains for nearly four years now but have only focused on the company website and social media pages. Because I have plans for offering a self publishing package soon (I’ll blog later about that) I felt that I couldn’t delay any longer as it is part of the package and we all know that it is an important part of establishing a closer, more personal relationship with readers. I have been collecting ideas on what makes a good site for a long time now and I guess part of the reason why I haven’t gone live with them up to now is that I wanted them to be full of content immediately. I wanted to be fully prepared with all the ideas I’ve had so that I could upload them all at once. Basically, that isn’t going to happen! There is too much to do and I am busy with so many different projects so it’s going to take ages! I’ll have to make sure I work on them as much as I can while juggling the other bits and pieces.  

For reference our sites are:

If you have any ideas on what makes a great author website then please feel free to share and once my sites are more developed I would also welcome your feedback. Let me know what you think, what I have missed, what isn’t working and anything you can think of! Come back and visit them every now and again and see how they are progressing… (I've also tidied up this blog. I much prefer the cleaner, less cluttered look.)

As I mentioned before I’m entering some competitions this year so if any of you are interested in entering too here are some with March deadlines:

I’ll post my entries (once the competitions are over) here on this blog.

Thank you for your time,

Have a great weekend,

R.G Rankine