Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Introduction to Alfred Duff - A new author to Thinking Plainly Limited!

Dear all,

I am pleased as punch to introduce you to a new author to Thinking Plainly, Alfred Duff. His debut novel, ‘Warspite: The Godling’ is available on Kindle now. You can find out more about Alfred and his stories and find links to his social media pages on the Thinking Plainly website, This is his first guest blog to introduce himself, so over to Alfred.

Hope you enjoy,



Hello, I’m Alfred Duff, self published fiction writer. I’m 31 at the time of writing and live and work in London, self-employed.  At the age of 8 the teacher asked us all to bring our favourite book into class; all the predictable books were there, books about Barbie, princesses, He-man, dinosaurs, racing cars etc...  I brought the “complete history of the Royal Air Force,” something should have told me then - as I stood there holding a book six times the size of everyone else’s and drawing puzzled looks from the other children - that I was destined never to entirely fit in.

It could be said that for the last 4 or 5 years I have been slowly training my brain to operate in my favour, instead of against me - usually its default setting. Sounds strange I know, but I’ve always felt misplaced: like a component for an Apple Mac shoved inside a PC and expected to work just as well.  I say this because most of the traits that now help me to write have often been hurdles for me in the past - things like OCD for one! I just knew that given the right forum I could create something.  The question for me had always been what? Bizarrely the answer had always remained right under my nose, but more about that another time...

My writing topic is fantasy, nestled snugly between where history, mythology and the great epic meet. I love stories where cultures, landscapes and characters interweave and become one in the mind. In fact, I am obsessed with landscapes, natural or manmade; give me a large oak tree on a hill next to an old crumbling castle and I’m in heaven!

I am a newcomer to the writer community and yet it feels like home already. I have come to understand just where I fit in, and now I don’t regret that giant Royal Air Force book anymore!

I look forward to many more guest “bloggings” as I seem to have a vast amount of left over notes for this one article!

Kind Regards to all and thank you for reading! 

Alfred Duff.