Thursday, 1 October 2015

Blog Break for October and November

Dear all,

For anyone visiting my blog I won’t be posting during October and November but the blog will remain live and I’ll be back in December.

To explain I am currently restructuring the way I blog. I think it’s turned into a bit of a jumble where I am covering too many subjects in one place. I would like to get back to covering my personal views on subjects that influence my writing but I also still want to keep going with more business related topics and start some other ideas I’ve wanted to get on with for a while too. Therefore I have decided to start a few different blogs on different sites to be able to separate these issues and make it easier for me to distinguish what I am doing and when and share with you more relevant posts. However, I need a little bit of time to work through my business plan and make sure I am on top of things before I rush into anything.

Also, I have had the honour of being Best Man at a friend’s wedding in October so I am busy controlling my nerves about the speech and sorting out arrangements and that is going to keep me occupied for a while… and of course there is the small matter of the Rugby World Cup getting all of my attention too! I know it’s not good time management but I’m hopeless, I can’t tear my eyes away from it.

Lastly, I am working on finishing off three short stories that I want to release in November and it is proving quite the challenge. So all in all, I think it is best that I keep quiet for a month or so on and wait until I am in a position to really organize myself properly and start afresh… as it’s so important to post on a more regular basis and I hate leaving such large gaps between posts.

Thanks for reading this and sticking with me while I take care of ‘life’ for a while and I look forward to writing again soon and sharing with you.



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