Saturday, 5 September 2015

Thinking Plainly in Paperback!

Dear all, I am really happy to say that Thinking Plainly Limited, the company I set up nearly four years ago has just released the paperback versions of Rufus Garlic’s The Disappearance Club or A Polish Detective in London and Alfred Duff’s The Warspite Series: Book One, The Godling and Book Two, The Witch and the Dark Arts.

I am very proud of the work both writers put in to the process as it takes a lot of effort to edit and check all aspects of the design, time and time again, especially when things go wrong and need to be changed when you thought you had it all wrapped up. As you would expect it's a much different process than producing an ebook...

In fact, it's so different that I spent a lot of time writing a much longer version of this blog because I was going to include an explanation of the whole experience (of using Amazon's Createspace service) of self publishing a paperback... I had several thousand words down, covering the manuscript design through to the proof copy for those of you who are interested in writing and self publishing your own works... then I realised it was too much info for one blog post and probably a bit rushed. I have changed my mind about including it and I think instead, I will create a separate blog, just focussing on the production side of things. That will give me more time to explain myself properly. I am no expert and as I have said many times, even though I have been learning the ropes now for nearly four years, I am still a beginner when it comes to writing and publishing and have a tremendous amount to learn, but I have got some of the basics down and a few people have asked me for a helping hand here and there to explain how we did certain things, so if even my novice position can help some people out, then I'm certainly happy to do so. I'll be posting the links when it is ready and I'll use that blog to discuss all things self publishing related and keep this blog to my own personal views. 

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For now then, I will leave this post by saying congratulations to Rufus and Alfred, I am really happy to have gone through the process of self publishing a paperback version, it's a big step forward in the life of the company, and I look forward to continuing to grow and get further works from them, and more independent writers, out there in the future.

Take care all,

R.G Rankine.

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