Monday, 17 June 2013

Quick Update Blog: New Ideas To Different Directions / Different Directions To New Ideas

Bit of a hackneyed title I know, sorry, but it is only going to be a short blog this one so forgive me the shortcuts. First of all, it’s the 17th June. WHAT! The 17th! My last blog was the 6th May…that’s six weeks…where did those weeks go? I mean seriously I can’t get over that. I want those six weeks back please. To me it’s only the 13th, maybe 20th May at the most.

Well, okay, I’m late blogging this month, I’ll admit it. Still can’t believe it’s half way through June…

I’ve had lots on recently and whilst working through some social media stuff I realised that I haven’t put another story online since 9th April 2012. If you think I was upset about losing the last six weeks, can you imagine my shock at realising it’s been over a year since I finished a story!

I thought about it for a few minutes, upset at the knowledge that I have at least ten drafts of new short stories sitting there that I haven’t touched FOR A YEAR but then I took a moment, leant back and talked myself through why that is.

It turns out I’m pretty happy with how Thinking Plainly is going right now, and yes, I am itching to get back to writing every day, to attaining my original goals of wanting to be a better writer, to develop my writing skills but I also want to develop other opportunities that are opening up and as ideas have come to mind I have gone for them, but as there is only so much time to spare, writing has been slightly pushed to the sidelines.

I’m in no rush you see, I know how long it is going to take to get where I want to be, and the frustration of not writing is only a frustration when it is not being replaced by something. There have been lots of times when I have sat down to write and ended up doing nothing at all, and that is as depressing a time as you can imagine as of course what happens is you just think about all the troubles in the world, the ridiculousness of what you are trying to do, and you sink lower and lower, however, when you don’t write but instead work on some other aspect of progressing yourself, then that frustration is replaced with a sense of challenge and achievement. You are moving forward and it’s fun! So, a year ago did I think I would be working on so many different ideas? No. Do I think they will all work out? No. And that’s fine. I am enjoying experimenting on new projects and if some of them do not work out then that’s okay, I’m glad I tried. I hope some do work out well though…and I hope you find them interesting.

So to end this quick update, I can’t tell you much more about my writing at this time, but I can tell you there will be lots of interesting projects coming from Thinking Plainly over the coming months, I don’t want to share them all now as I’ve put myself under enough pressure recently thank you very much without promising things I don’t even know are good enough yet…!

But very soon I will be announcing some great news about some new writers I have been working with, stay tuned.

June over and out.


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