Friday, 17 January 2014

Happy 2nd birthday to Thinking Plainly Limited

Dear all, two years ago I formed Thinking Plainly so that I could self-publish. Two Years. That definitely makes my head spin, and there is not a drop of Mahon Gin, Sangria or Estrella in my system I promise.  Yet.

I have lots to talk about, both on my own writing and that of Rufus Garlic and Alfred Duff, but not today, instead I’m going to take a stroll down to the harbour to treat myself to a couple of beers. I don’t want to think about what life was like two years ago, nor what the next two years will bring, I’m not going to think about what I have or haven’t achieved, where I am to where I thought I would be, positive or negative, or anything of that type. Pretty much since school I have always thought ahead, worried about qualifications, career and money and the like, not to mention worrying far too much about what others think and say about me (or rather, what I thought they were thinking and saying, rather than what they actually were). Of course I always will to an extent, no matter how much I work at it, it is in my nature, and I’m not for one minute saying that in general you shouldn’t work towards goals to better yourself, but it has taken me a long time to appreciate living in the moment, and I’m hoping this stint away will help me with that. I’m not there yet but I think about life so differently to what I used to, and yes it’s all well and good me saying this when I have buggered off and don’t have to worry about working, I know, but let me sound all naïve and hippie-ish for a minute. I want to enjoy living in the moment because that is the best part of life, the challenge, the waking up with things you want to do, the time when you see achievement on the horizon and are working hard to get there. I see a way of life that I want, which I promise you is not the life I thought I wanted - even a couple of years ago, and working to get there should be the fun part, yes depressing and frustrating and all the rest of it, but still, the fun part. Two years have gone by quickly, and I think I am several years away from the next stage in what I want to do but I’m not going to think about that much, I’m going to enjoy living in the moment, it is very hard for me not to think about the past and the future, it’s what I have always done, but it hinders me more than it helps, so I need to change the way I think.
So this blog isn’t about setting plans and goals and telling you what I will be doing in the next two years of Thinking Plainly’s life, it’s about the oddity of thought and if a blog is for anything, it is for the inner geek to spew forth randomness. I had a silly thought for this blog and I’m going ahead with it…While I was taking a walk a couple of days ago, knowing the 17th was coming up (Companies House Annual Return reminder email helped me with that…) I remembered the moment when I knew I had to come up with a company name. I had gone through the (pretty rushed it has to be said, but determined none-the-less) decision to set up a limited company so I knew I was going ahead with it, but I hadn’t thought about what the company would actually be. So I went to a local park, sat down and gave myself a few hours to think of a name…I asked myself what it should represent and what I was aiming for and blah blah blah…the important thing for now is that I remember sitting on a bench and thinking that what I was doing right at that moment…that was exactly what was important to me. Sitting on a bench, in beautiful surroundings, coming up with stories to tell. Then I realised that that is what I had always done. A lot of my inspiration and clear-thinking moments came from when I had purposefully gone for walks, bus rides, train journeys and afternoons in the park, for as far back as I could remember. It doesn’t make exact sense, but I remember telling myself that what I enjoy doing is thinking of everyday subjects, things we all go through, and putting that in plain language. Out of that time sitting on a bench in the park came Thinking Plainly.
If any of you have seen the television panel show, ‘Have I Got News For You’ you will know the section where they create questions that may or may not have answers from a random unknown magazine, something so ridiculously specific that the tease is only boring, nerd-like sad anoraks could possibly be the readers, ‘Radiator Design Monthly’, ‘Watch Strap Enthusiast’, etc. that sort of thing. Well, in honour of my afternoon sitting on a bench, here is a selection of Majorca’s finest benches…may inspiration flow into those who park their backsides upon them!

Happy Birthday Thinking Plainly Limited, champagne next year… J

Don't say I never spoil you…


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