Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sweet revenge! …or… How I will write you into my stories one day heh heh heh

Dear all,

You know those little memes and GIFs that you see a hundred times a day on Facebook or Google+, the ones that show three seconds of a film with a written caption across the bottom. Usually along the lines of quitting your job and telling your boss where to go, or being dumped and wailing about how your life is over, and similar emotional moments…well I saw one a long time ago, I think on Pinterest, maybe Facebook, and for what I will explain is an obvious reason it has recently popped back into my mind. I have quickly surfed the web to find a similar image:

This is quite painful for me to say but the reason this popped back into my mind must be because I am still quite bitter about my previous employment. I worked at the organization for nearly nine years and I can honestly say that they gave me some of the best days and memories of my life; I really did love the place and was absolutely dedicated to it. However, it turned sour and that’s that. I am very happy with my new direction and focus, and I am embracing the challenge, and pleasure, of developing my writing this year and the past is the past…but, oh, oh, oh, it’s not that easy to forget is it! As someone who is interested in writing you always have half your brain switched on to using experiences for your work, you don’t know how, when or why, but you just know things may come in handy someday.
Well, in this particular case, the time must have been right for the nastier side of my personality to come out! Now that I have completed working through all of my notes (blog coming soon about that…) I guess my brain is developing ideas in my subconscious and playing them out, testing, and there have been several moments over recent days where the above text has come to mind. So this is what I think about revenge…

Me at Halloween some years back…this may become my evil writing outfit
I am looking forward to it! I don’t know why I am so excited about being vindictive but I am. It is the first time I have had specific people in mind when developing characters, rather than starting from an idea and allowing the character to develop from it, I have actually found myself using individuals to work around. Now I have to be careful, there is nothing worse than sledgehammering something in just because you want to make a point, rather than it being useful, therefore I don’t think I will be using these feelings any time soon, I have a gut instinct that I need to be a much more proficient and experienced writer before I can do justice to this so it could well be decades from now, however, I feel great about saying I will get my revenge one day! I don’t know in what form it will take, how specific it will be and if I will ever tell anyone the inspiration behind it, but at some point I will use all of the anger, bitterness, resentment and hatred I hold (sounds terrible doesn’t it) to create characters, scenes, events, and plots that will be directly sourced from my recent experiences.
That’s all for the moment, it was something I thought you may find amusing and I’m sure, 100% positive in fact, that there are people out there reading this, plotting macabre deaths and creating horribly nasty characters with people from their past in mind…if those people only knew! Inspiration is fun stuff J


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