Saturday, 14 February 2015

New Website & YouTube Channel!

Dear all, 

I have two blogs that both publish to my Google+ account so sorry if you are reading this twice but I wanted to make sure both sets of followers were covered. 

I am taking time out from my normal blog posts about a general writing topic and the story of my novel to update you on what I have been up to this week and I have two big announcements. I have already written this on my second blog so instead of writing it twice I hope you would be so kind as to follow me on my other blog as well as this one so that you can keep track of me over there and read about my two pieces of news.  The links for the two blog posts I have already published are below. 

New Website

The first announcement is that I have a new website. I would really appreciate any feedback you have as although it is now live there are still tweaks to make and some additional images to publish and I am sure a thousand other things I have overlooked. If you want to let me know your thoughts you can email me at or send me a message at any of my social media sites. Thank you very much in advance!

YouTube Channel

The second announcement is that the Thinking Plainly YouTube channel is live again at last! I had to stop while abroad last year and I'm really pleased to be able to work on it now I'm back. We have uploaded our first video and would love your feedback.

Thanks everyone, 

Have a great weekend! 


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