Monday, 18 May 2015

New story: 'Collection Two' by R.G Rankine

Dear all,

I released a new ebook last week, a collection of three short stories, simply titled, “Collection Two”.

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One of the first ebooks I released, roughly three years ago, was called “Collection One” and I have blogged about it before, basically explaning it is not very good. It was more of an experiement really but I feel that I would be too much of a wimp and a coward if I removed it now. As bad as it is, it was where I was at the time so I’m not going to change that.

I hope this one is better of course, but it was a struggle. The short stories I write tend to be in the region of fifteen to twenty thousand words and I release them as individual ebooks. However, some stories I have are much shorter and I feel they would be more suitable to be released in groups of three. I write in no particular order so they aren’t necessarily combined because they have similar themes or are connected in any way, although in this case, by accident, it does seem they have a few things in common.

I am not making a big deal of marketing my works this year. As I have said many times before I am really focussed on attempting to produce as much content as I can and then in 2016 worry about how to tell people about it.

I am also fairly certain that I am only going to release two more short story ebooks and then spend the rest of the year concentrating on the novel. I have lots of shorts to work on but the next two are more developed and shouldn’t take too long to finish, whereas the others are at the very early stages of drafting so it would mean spending a lot of my energy building them up from scratch when, in truth, my heart is on the novel and I really want to spend all my time on that. So, cross fingers, if I can get the next two out by the end of July that will give me nearly half a year to make some decent progress on the novel.

So, Collection Two.

I am more or less happy with it. It is going back to my 'weirder' side... rather than the recent 'normal' dramas so I know a lot of people won't connect with it or find it a bit odd. I'm okay with that, I have stories in me that I have accepted a long time ago will make me look weird but I am going to release them anyway and they will be interspersed with my more regular narratives. There are always improvements to be made but the overall development of the stories got to where I wanted. I fear I have rushed it slightly as the desire to move on to the next was nagging away but there we are. I just don’t want to spend more time on it!

On to the next! 



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