Friday, 4 May 2012

One Week Gone & Progress

My first five days out of two weeks annual leave from work has nearly passed. I've spent a lot of time working on my various social media platforms so I don't feel too guilty that I haven't done much writing. I say much, as I did spend about thirty minutes jotting down a new idea for a story, so that allows me to say I have done something. Yes, I can lie to myself thank you.

One thing that is hard to explain is the sense of achievement when an idea firms up in your mind. Even though you may not have written anything for a while, when you spend hours thinking things through and without warning something clicks, it's very satisfying. It can work both ways, I have typed away for hours and through sheer determination forced myself to take a certain route which has become clearer and clearer as the pages turn; or I have sat quietly in a cafe, train, bus journey, (currently the snooker is doing a great job), bath (personal, sorry) and so on and let the brain ache until the proverbial light bulb flickers. As I said, it's hard to explain without sounding all wishy-washy (regardless, hard work and effort is always required, always) but when it happens you can feel very pleased with yourself indeed.

So, second week of my leave will be spent abroad, I have decided to disappear and...I'm not taking the laptop. I think it will be good to clear the mind a bit and come back refreshed. Everything to do with 'media' stuff is up and running now so all that is left to do is to keep up with the posts, blogs, tweets and all the rest...and that important side issue of writing.


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