Thursday, 13 February 2014


Dear all,

This is a quick post sending out my love to all the bibliophiles out there. I came across the website 'Pinterest' in August 2012 and thought it looked great, I didn’t know much about it and certainly didn’t think of it in any business sense but it seemed a lot of fun and like many other writing distractions I got hooked and burnt up far too many minutes on there. All this time later and I love it! I have a business page for Thinking Plainly Limited and at the time of writing have 21,000 followers and an approximate 40,000 images on the Thinking Plainly boards. I’m not going to go into any marketing spiel here, or what my plans are for the future, I’ll keep that for another time ;) For now, I want to share with you why I think it is such a great site and to suggest that you take a look. I want to say a huge thank you to the people who contribute to the boards and say you have really inspired me! It feels like an adventure going through some of your boards, exploring the world and its secrets! I haven’t had the time yet to follow everyone back (currently at 8500) but I will get to every one of you I promise!
I like inspiration. The world is an incredibly tough, hard and bitter place to live in that has far too much misery in it, but it is also a place of such stunning beauty and it is easy to miss that. So you may well have found my blog because it is writing/literature related but take this particular post as something that applies to any or all of your hobbies and explore what it is you love. You can find what you like on the site and the images can really take your breath away and remind you that there is love in the world!
I also like taking breaks from writing (yes, that is another way of saying I throw my hands up in the air, shout 'I QUIT' and put on a movie). You can throw a metaphorical penny at the world around you (online or physical) and not fail to hit something that will easily distract you from your ‘it’s the most important thing in my life’ draft novel for a few hours so next time you do that, try and find something new, something exciting that opens your mind further to the things you love, rather than just taking a could be a TED talk, a documentary on YouTube, or listen to an artist you have never heard before, just do something that means you are experiencing something new and what is amazing about Pinterest is that you can be there in a matter of minutes. I love the fact I can go online and see countless images of priceless antique books, ancient libraries, cutting edge contemporary home design that incorporates stunning reading nooks, dusty old first edition covers and pretty much anything book related you can possibly think of. People from all over the world for the pure enjoyment and passion of it share the most beautiful and inspirational images. It’s fantastic and it’s educational. You can search for whatever you like and I bet you will be amazed at what you find. What’s more because people can write a small profile about themselves and put links to their website, etc. you can meet and discover amazing people, companies and communities and find out more about the subjects that really grab you.
That’s enough from my mouth, this isn’t a paid advertisement! Try it, explore the beauty of whatever interests you have and find out something you didn’t know before. I’ll leave you with some of my favourite images that have been posted over the last week on the, 'Bookshelves and Reading Places' board. I have used the web-link to each image as the caption so if you click on the link it will take you to the Pinterest website along with the name of the person who pinned it, the description, links to the sites they may have come from and any copyright details.

Be inspired!


…and just because it is Valentine's tomorrow…

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